Caracle Creek


Hemlo Area 3D Exploration Model

Canada, Jiminex Inc., TSX-V:JIM

The Challenge: Evaluate and compile exploration surveys by 21 mining companies carried out over 27 years including 100 geotechnical assessment reports, including 83 paper diamond drill logs. The project is a gold exploration program west of the prolific Hemlo Mining camp.

The Solution: Caracle Creek successfully reviewed synthesized the drill logs from a multitude of named lithologies down to a realistic interpretation of the subsurface that could be managed by 7 specific units. The data was added into a 3D work space where the resultant images and geoscientific queries were used to verify three dimensional aspects and interpretations of the subsurface. The project involved 3 people and was successfully completed within 6 weeks, ahead of schedule.

Georgia Lake Advanced Stage Exploration Project

Canada, Rock Tech Lithium Inc., (TSX-Venture: RCK, Frankfurt: RJIA)

The Challenge: Compile historic information and create a 3d resource model. Plan a drill program to update the resource from an historic category to an NI- 43101 compliant resource.

The Solution: Caracle Creek’s team was lead by Dr. Julie Selway a geoscientist with extensive skills in the study and understanding of the Pegmatites of Ontario. The program began in November of 2010. Caracle Creek has completed all aspects of the modeling, drill planning and drill execution on time. “completed the field program ahead of schedule and on budget.”

Chibougamau Area 3D Mine Plan

Canada, Nuinsco Resources LTD., TSX:NWI

The Challenge: Evaluate and compile 50 years’ worth of historical documents and data from three historical mines. Data ranged from Large format paper mine plans to digital renditions for portions of the underground workings. Three different coordinate systems needed to be converted into a single universal system, along with unit of measure difference recorded over the duration of the data sets. This is a copper/gold exploration program south east of Chibougamau.

The Solution: Caracle Creek successfully converted the three coordinate systems into a single system across all three mine properties. As well as making changes from a per foot unit of measure, to a per meter unit of measure. All available Mine level plans were georeferenced, and digitzed. The digitized data was added into a 3D work space where the resultant images and geoscientific queries were used to verify three dimensional aspects and interpretations of the subsurface. Further georeferenceing in 3D enabled the digitization of historic stopes and shafts. This project involved 4 people, with phase 1 and phase 2 being completed on time and on budget.

MyMAPS for Primero Mining

Canada, Primero Mining Corp (NYSE PPP, TSX: P)

The Challenge: To validate all Canadian land assets, review over 2000 agreements, identify risks and obligations, create a document repository and provide a tool to help manage Brigus' land assets.

The Solution: All supporting and guiding attribute data was successfully compiled from both public and proprietary sources. The data was spatially and logically organized based on the defining regulatory frameworks and business practices of Primero. This was then published into MyMAPS for Primeros' internal secure use and reference to offer quick and efficient single point access to all supporting land asset obligations and information. Monthly updates to obligations and independently coded regulatory framework requirements along with intellectual toolsets, due date dashboards, email alerts, reporting, and queries provide ongoing and current interactive support of Primeros' land assets. All data is secure and easily accessed via the web to efficiently support Primeros' team, help to mitigate risk and keep their land assets in good standing.

Sabaneta, Los Guandules and El Carrizal Data Management

Dominican Republic , Unigold Inc., TSX.V:UGD

The Challenge: Sort, compile and organize the data received from various sources that included duplicates in both English and Spanish. Create an effective and easy-to-use filing system, and develop geological and geochemical databases.

The Solution: Caracle Creek successfully created a customized filing structure by implementing a logical and simple coding system to sort, compile and organize the data in less time, and to maximize data search capabilities. With careful attention to database design and data useability, various geological and geochemical data were compiled and imported into databases on time and on budget.