Caracle Creek

Property Evaluations and Due Diligence

Accurate and reliable scientific opinions allow us to conduct effective prospecting due diligence to improve exploration viability and mining reality.

Caracle Creek supplies these services from Qualified Persons (QP) while assessing the economical, political and environmental factors which may preclude the project from becoming viable. The Due Diligence process is outlined by the following steps:

  • Legal - check the legal, logistic, personnel and accountancy parameters to clarify steps to legal standing and profitability.
  • Data QA/QC - check the quality of assays and drill hole data and determine the quantity of the resource.
  • Community Relations - establish a rapport and understand information from Government Mining Officials, local landowners, First Nations, and existing employees and other miners.
  • Regional Scope - Investigate all other available targets in the region to determine if a better one is available before committing resources to an inferior site.
  • Development Steps - Establish a clear plan for expenditure to quantify and develop the project (if viable).

By conducting a Due Diligence study, Caracle Creek helps prospective investors who have discovered an opportunity better evaluate the overall business risks involved.

For the purpose of due diligence and/or completing public listings on the AIM (UK), OFEX (UK) and TSX (Canada) exchanges, Caracle Creek has completed technical reviews and reports for its international clients and has experience in database compilation (geological, geophysical and geochemical) including data interpretation and management, and in composing Independent Technical Reports (Competent Person Reports, 43-101 Technical Reports, Qualified Person Reports) on properties involving numerous commodity types.