Caracle Creek

GIS Services

Caracle Creek provides an extensive range of computer-based data integration, management and presentation services to address all aspects of the Mineral Exploration and Mining industry.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology has become an essential tool for cost effective planning and decision making involving geospatial data. Our capabilities extend to any GIS application that requires data collection, conversion, database creation, mapping, data modeling and analysis. Caracle Creek has the expertise and software resources required to work with digital data in either raster format (e.g., image data, digital terrain models) or vector format (e.g., thematic, planimetric maps) to build the data layers needed for Mineral Exploration and Mining.

Our experienced and highly skilled geoscientists will capture and process all of your geospatial data into a structured and usable format to provide you with meaningful information.. Caracle Creek’s comprehensive GIS Services offering includes: data management, validation and consulting for projects at various stages of development, from exploration to mining ensuring data quality meets reporting guidelines.

  • Design, implementation and management of data systems to meet client needs.
  • Import of client data in a variety of formats.
  • Independent Data Quality reviews and reports.
  • Auditing and Validation of all data and data quality.
  • Flexible reporting and presentation of all data.
  • Support for including geological logging, assay, geotechnical and geophysical docs

Robust GIS Interpretation

Caracle Creek’s GIS team has proven to add value to exploration and mining projects worldwide. Caracle’s combined strengths of practical experience and varied exposure to projects and terrains results in projects that are technically strong, focused and cost efficient at every stage of development.

  • Data compilation, validation, cataloging.
  • Raster to vector conversion, datum conversion, and data projection.
  • Drill hole data capture and display.
  • Target generation using multivariate analysis and spatial data modeling.
  • 3D geological interpretation and modeling using the GoCad platform.
  • Resource delineation and pre-feasibility studies.
  • GIS training and support.
  • Software includes: ArcGIS/Spatial Analyst/3D Analyst, MapInfo/Discover/Discover 3D.

Caracle Creek has the resources and technical knowledge to handle any and all of your GIS needs.