Caracle Creek

Physical Rock Property Analysis

By measuring physical properties you can characterize your deposit or showing for enhanced interpretation.

Physical rock properties can be determined in a lab environment. The value of this information obtained from core or hand samples is extremely beneficial. This process of obtaining quantitative measurements on rock samples for the purpose of exploration has been referred to as “The Digital Outcrop”. The Digital Outcrop is the representation of rock samples through physical property contrasts as measured in the lab.

Caracle Creek provides, Rock Property Analysis – core/sample testing and analysis for magnetic susceptibility, IP and resistivity testing in field or office environments. In addition we can consult and provide guidance as to what parameters may be useful for investigation during or prior to drill programs and can arrange borehole surveys for multi parameter analysis. Further, we provide borehole bulk, resistivity and IP characterization.

Caracle Creek uses radiometric ground surveys to rapidly map and target radioactive elements for the exploration of Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) mineralization and amp lithology and alteration.

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