Caracle Creek

Project Generation

Our exploration programs are designed to fit your needs by applying cutting edge mineral exploration methods allowing for recommendations for small to larger geological, geophysics and geochemical programs built around a wide variety of mineral types and targets.

Caracle Creek possesses the experience and technical ability to recommend exploration programs worldwide based on Greenfields and Brownfields exploration models:

  • Greenfields - Highly conceptual, relies on ore genesis models to search for mineralization in unexplored geological terrains.
  • Brownfields - Takes place within geological terrains in close proximity to known ore deposits and uses historical exploration on and adjacent to the area of interest to produce likely targets.

A breadth of experience in a variety of commodities. Our collective travels and studies have exposed us to a number of opportunities for project generation in the sector. We can perform initial camp scale geoscientific data reviews, compilations and analysis to help you select your exploration targets.

  • Commodity analysis
  • Property investigative research
  • Terrain evaluation
  • Camp scale studies
  • Land acquisition
  • Technical advisors
  • Joint venture negotiations
  • contract assistance