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PDAC 2017

March 2017

Caracle Creek anxiously awaits PDAC 2017, optimism is high within the industry, and with several meetings lined up, we are all looking forward to the event.

Stephen Wetherup, Julie Selway, Bradley Leonard and Wanita Campbell will be in attendance and available to meet and discuss our products and services.

Geological and Geophysical Consulting, MyMAPS – lands and data management, EarthProbe – high resolution resistivity surveys

Stephen (604) 217 1900, Wanita (705) 561 7041


Caracle Creek attends the IMME and GMS!

December 2014

Caracle Creek's CEO and co-founder Dr. Scott Jobin-Bevans received and accepted an invitation from the High Commission of Canada, New Delhi to present at the IMME and GMS on the topic of "A Canadian Perspective on the Junior Exploration Business Model"

View his presentation here:

Visit the IMME website:

QC Posts New Fee Schedule for Jan 1 2015

December 2014

QC Posts New Fee Schedule for Jan 1 2015:

Achieve some savings off the pending 2015 rates by submitting any transactions/applications before the end of the year.

Click here to view the full fee schedule:


November 2014

Caracle Creek will be in booth 124 at Quebec Mines 2014, Crossroads of Geoscience and Mineral Resources. Being held at the Quebec City Convention Center Nov 17-20, 2014.

Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec, invites you to Québec Mines 2014!

“Québec Mines will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the newly revived Plan Nord, which has become a primary focus of economic development for Québec. The mining industry plays a very important role in our development plan for Northern Québec (…) All the industry’s partners will be present at Québec Mines, making it the ideal place for productive discussion.”

Visit us on Wednesday during the Exhibitor Showcase to view our latest innovations.

MNDM Proposes Mandatory Conversion from Legacy to Cell-Based Claims.

November 2014

MNDM Proposes Mandatory Conversion from Legacy to Cell-Based Claims:

The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM) has published a new proposal on the Environmental and Regulatory Registries of Ontario regarding the implementation of online staking and modernized mining lands administration in Ontario. The proposal aims to implement province-wide online staking of mining claims, and modernize the way mining lands are administered in Ontario following in the footsteps of British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan and Quebec. More specifically, the approach proposes that a province-wide one time (mandatory) conversion of legacy claims is more suitable to Ontario. This approach aims "to provide more enhanced certainty of tenure/claim boundaries and more efficient and effective administration of mining lands". Whereas voluntary conversion would result in the opposite and could drag out the conversion process indefinitely. History has shown this to be true in other implementations across Canada.

The conversion strategy would start with 1) a transition period that would improve the accuracy of the current map through verification with the claim holders. Geo referencing your claims will be an important step in this process. Once this has been completed, the next stage would see 2) a delineation of the boundaries identified by coordinates. At this point, posts in the ground will no longer be the legal boundary identifier of the claim. This will be followed by 3) actual conversion from legacy to a cell based grid in a controlled and fair manner. All attribute information on the Legacy claims would be preserved and accessible. The final step will see 4) all title holders notified with the new description of their claim(s) accompanied by the new rules of claim management.

How Can a Title Holder Prepare?

Geo referencing your claim boundaries will be an important first step for claim holders in protecting their land assets, particularly in areas of tight claim fabric. A review of your subjected agreements is also strongly recommended especially if they include extended areas of interest. The government is planning for reasonable lead times through all phases and is working to propose changes to the mining act to better support title holders through the proposed conversion process and into the post conversion world. As we approach this sea change, knowledge of the changes will be paramount and a sound conversion plan critical. Speak to your lands manager about options and concerns and stay tuned for further updates as these changes are reviewed, approved and implemented.

Please read through the 2 postings for more details.

Environmental Registry Posting:

Regulatroy Registry Posting:

Comments can be sent electronically from both postings or directly until December 22, 2014 to:

Omer Omerdin
Policy Coordinator
Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
Mines and Minerals Division
Mineral Development and Lands Branch
Mineral Development Office (Sudbury)
933 Ramsay Lake Road
Floor B6
Sudbury Ontario
P3E 6B5
Phone: (705) 670-5845
Toll Free Phone: (888) 415-9845

Quebec Exploration Work Reports!

November 2014

Work Reports transmitted by email or deposited in shared storage services such as Hightail are no longer being accepted by the Quebec government, All legal documents must be mailed directly to the Directorate of Mining Titles and Systems to Quebec.

MNDM's Mining Act Modernization

September 2014

Ontario MNDM is currently modernizing their Mineral Tenure system. In an attempt to protect boundry integrity. The MNDM is urging all Tenure holders to georeference their Tenure boundaries, and the MNDM will apply $400 per claim unit in assessment credit

Caracle Creek and their experienced Lands Management team is ready to help. Caracle Creek has advanced positioning equipment and the expertise to record your Tenure Boundary Information.

Read more:

White Tiger & Caracle Creek

September 2014

White Tiger has commissioned Caracle Creek to merge several generations of data into a high quality 3-D model.

Read more:

TECTERRA Geomatics Showcase 2014.

June 2014

Caracle Creek will be in booth 38 at TECTERRA's Geomatics Showcase 2014. Being held at the Calgary Convention Center June 17-18, 2014.

Visit us on Wednesday during the Exhibitor Showcase to view our latest innovations.

Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. leverages MyMAPS in support of their Nunavut projects.

May 2014

Tawsho Mining Inc.subscribes to MyMAPS

April 2014

Tawsho Mining Inc. subscribes to MyMAPS and benefits from the system's quick access to land asset information and obligations, geo processing tools and efficiencies in lands management.

NationTalk Welcomes Caracle Creek to its Partner Program

March 2014

NationTalk Welcomes Caracle Creek to its Partner Program

February 19th 2014

TORONTO, ON – NationTalk is pleased to announce that Caracle Creek Consulting Inc. has joined NationTalk’s Partner Program. As a partner Caracle Creek will now have unparalleled access to NationTalk’s Aboriginal Information Economy Network.

“We are thrilled to welcome Caracle Creek as a partner. NationTalk looks forward to highlighting the projects, news, services and employment opportunities that Caracle Creek has to offer our audience,” said NationTalk’s Director of Corporate Development Nick Ashawasega.  

Caracle Creek is able to offer First Nations communities across Canada assistance in navigating the Mining and Exploration Industry in a way that will further empower the community’s involvement and participation in economic development through mining. Caracle Creek provides essential training and mentoring for all aspects of the business of mining including: consultation and negotiation, local and regional mapping and GIS services.

About NationTalk:

NationTalk is Canada’s Premier Aboriginal Newswire, Employment and Tender Service. By developing and providing a series of tools to work effectively and directly within the Aboriginal community, NationTalk has fostered growth and co-operation among government, people, business and communities. With a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Aboriginal community, NationTalk has built a network of contacts and information distribution services that touches its ever growing contacts more than two million times per year. Follow NationTalk on twitter @NationTalk or visit their website

7th Annual Caracle Cup Hockey Tournament

February 2014

The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and Caracle Creek are pleased to announce the 7th Annual PDAC-Caracle Cup Hockey Tournament

The Caracle Cup is an important fundraising event that brings members of the minerals industry together in support of Mining Matters goal to educate about Earth science and the importance of mineral resources.

Saturday March 1, 2014

From 07:00 am to 03:00 pm

Buckingham Arena at Downsview Park

57 Carl Hall Rd, Toronto, ON, M3K 2B6

Please contact Rachel for further details

Phone: 416 - 368- 1801



TECTERRA Proud Supporter of MyMAPS

November 2013

TECTERRA Inc., a not-for-profit Canadian organization investing in and supporting the development and commercialization of innovative geomatics technology for integrated resource management and other geospatial applications is now proudly supporting Release 2 of Caracle Creek's MyMAPS.


Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal Features Caracle Creek's MyMAPS in their June Issue

August 2013

The Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal recently featured Caracle Creek's new MyMAPS, a secure web based interactive data warehouse and mapping suite that comes complete with intellectual toolsets giving you access to the data you need at the click of a mouse. Read the full article at...




See how MyMAPS can help you manage risk, achieve compliance and save time and money. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an online demo.

Looking for Alternatives to Ontario's New Plan/Permit Requirements?

August 2013

Ontario's new Mining Act Modernization demands new Plan and Permit applications be made for many common exploration activities. Early exploration activities requiring an exploration plan include:

  • Geophysical Activity requiring a power generator.
  • Line cutting, where the width of the line is 1.5 metres or less.
  • Mechanized drilling for the purposes of obtaining rock or mineral samples, where the weight of the drill is 150 kilograms or less.
  • Mechanized surface stripping (overburden removal), where the total combined surface area stripped is less than 100 square metres within a 200-metre radius.
  • Pitting and trenching (of rock), where the total volume of rock is between 1-3 cubic metres within a 200-metre radius.

Early exploration activities that require an exploration permit include:

  • Line cutting, where the width of the line is more than 1.5 metres.
  • Mechanized drilling, for the purpose of obtaining rock or mineral samples, where the weight of the drill is greater than 150 kilograms.
  • Mechanized surface stripping (overburden removal), where the total combined surface area stripped is greater than 100 square metres and up to advanced exploration thresholds, within a 200-metre radius.
  • Pitting and trenching (rock), where the total volume of rock is greater than 3 cubic metres and up to advanced exploration thresholds, within a 200-metre radius.


Caracle Creek's robust variety of services and experienced team of professionals offer project options that do not require a plan or permit. These are all eligible for exploration credits that will help to keep your land assets in good standing and can be started without the delay and expense that comes with the new regulations:


  • Transient Geophysical Surveys such as Caracle Creek and Geoserve's proprietary Earth Probe, a new IP/Resistivity technology
  • Geo referencing claims
  • Aboriginal consultation
  • Prospecting activities such as grab/hand sampling, geochemical/soil sampling, geological mapping
  • Stripping/pitting/trenching below thresholds for Permits
  • Other baseline data acquisition such as taking photos, measuring water quality, etc.

MyMAPS now commercially available

April 2013


MyMAPS is a web-based interactive mapping tool that has the power to compile any tenure attributes at the click of a mouse.

What can it be used for?

  • Lands Management
  • Data Compilation for Project
  • Planning and Interpretation
  • Document management
  • Historical Work
  • Agreement Summaries
  • Obligations Tracking
  • Lands Acquisition

Features & Advantages

  • Easy to read spatial display
  • No software to download
  • Compilation of any attribute data (i.e. claim abstracts, obligations, agreements, work results)
  • Automated email alerts of pending obligations
  • Scheduled updates of due dates and expenditure obligations with government databases
  • Live links to your claim abstracts & document library
  • Easy and secure 24 x 7 web access to all information on your land assets, projects and results
  • Saves time and money otherwise spent in monitoring, data compilation and research from multiple sources—ROI often realized within the first month
  • Affordability and peace of mind

Affordable Packages & Rates Available