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Caracle Creek, formerly known as CCIC is offering Claims mananagement software to clients to meet the growing industry needs.

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MyMAPS Claims management doesnt require our clients to download or install any software. You simply log into our website, visit your secure client page and select which claim site you'd like to see. The claim management software has a user friendly spacial view that allows you to navigate through your claims and files.

You're able to view a compilation of any attribute data such as claim abstracts, obligations, agreements and work results. The system will send automated email alerts of pending obligations to ensure everything is kept up-to-date and on track. You will also receive scheduled updates of due dates and expenditure obligations with government databases.

The interface allows you to open live links to view your claim abstracts and document library. You will have easy and secure access 24/7 web access to all information on your land assets, projects and results.