Caracle Creek

Environment and Social Responsibility

Caracle Creek is committed to conducting environmentally responsible exploration and mining activities by delivering services in accordance with the highest standards of the PDAC e3 Plus framework.

We believe that by integrating environmental considerations into our geologic services at the outset of any project, we can help to minimize environmental risks in the future.

  • Caracle Creek is an international company with operations in several countries. Understanding that the services we provide may impact our host communities, Caracle Creek is particularly aware of its client’s increasing needs to meet Environmental and Social responsibilities and is keen to partner with their clients in this effort.
  • Recognizing the importance of environmentally responsible exploration and mining, Caracle Creek strives to comply with all regional legislation to minimize the impact to the local environments in which they work.
  • Adhering to the employment legislation and ethical requirements of all jurisdictions in which Caracle Creek operates, we endeavor to partner with host communities to ensure best practices are applied diligently.

We believe that the protected rights of First Nations peoples are paramount and deserve appropriate consideration and we endeavour to provide focused and informed engagement and consultations for our clients and First Nations groups.