Caracle Creek

Community Outreach

Caracle Creek supports our local communities in a number of ways. We believe in giving back and encouraging ideas that foster the growth of the communities in which we work.

Caracle Cup and Mining Matters

In 2007 Caracle Creek initiated the annual Caracle Cup hockey tournament that is held at the PDAC convention every year. Our goal was to support the excellent work done by Mining Matters.

Mining Matters brings the wonder of Canada’s geology and mineral resources to students, educators and industry. We provide current information about rocks, minerals, metals and mining and offer exceptional educational resources that meet provincial Earth Science and geography curriculum expectations.

In 2010, Caracle Cup under Rob Gordon’s Leadership managed to actually win the namesake cup and was presented the Cup by Miss Canada International.

S-IMEW PDAC Student-Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop

In 2007, Caracle Creek’s co-founder Scott Jobin-Bevans took the lead in initiating the first ever PDAC Student - Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop or S-IMEW.

S-IMEW has grown into a very successful event having seen its 5th crop of students – more than 125 students attended the 2011 conference this past May in Sudbury, Ontario. Caracle Creek provides speakers and chairs for a variety of the sessions including the Geophysics Day and the Exploration Mapping Day, along with other instructional and mentoring activities. We also provide in-kind assistance and logistics coordination behind the scenes through our volunteers and staff at the Sudbury office.

The all expenses-paid gathering, which runs for 2 full weeks, starting the first Saturday in May each year gives the students, who are hand-picked from post-secondary institutions across the country, an opportunity to experience the many facets of the mineral exploration industry, and to polish their networking skills.

According to Scott Jobin-Bevans, co-chair of the PDAC's Human Resources Development Committee, which is organizing the workshop, "We design this event to attract students into the mineral exploration industry and to give them a technical and business perspective of mineral exploration that is not usually found in the classroom. We have run workshops since 2007 and all have been very successful with participating students having always been incredibly enthusiastic. While it's still too early to tell, of course, I predict that some of our future industry leaders will come out of these workshops."

Caracle Creek and Outside Looking In

Caracle Creek is a proud supporter of the Outside looking In charitable organization. “Outside Looking In" was created to give Indigenous youth an opportunity to express themselves through the arts while giving Canadians the opportunity to learn more about Indigenous peoples beyond what they see and read in the media through OLI’s annual multi-media performance in downtown Toronto. This experience and performance is about give and take. Canadians will have an opportunity to look inside Indigenous communities, while the Indigenous youth will get to see beyond theirs.” Tracee Smith, Founder & CEO . Tracee Smith is a member of the Missanabie Cree First Nation in northern Ontario. Ms. Smith holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Dance and has danced professionally in NYC and LA with the top choreographers in the world of concert and music videos.